Hi! My name is Shannon and I’m a grammar nerd.

It’s okay. Grammar is cool. Like bow-ties and protractors. One of the nicest compliments I have ever received was from a particularly strict professor at university. She called my use of semi-colons “exceptional”.

What do I love even more than flawless grammar? Stunning copy, fabulous content and words that tell a story.

That’s why I’ve launched Noble Quail. I want to use my skills as a writer and editor to make the web a nicer place – from commercial websites through to self-published novels in the Kindle store.


  • BA in English (San Jose State University, California)
  • MLitt in Publishing Studies (University of Stirling, Scotland)
  • 12+ years working as a writer and editor for both print and online projects
  • Bi-lingual (sort of) – I am fluent in both American and British English
  • A life-long love of reading and writing

What’s the deal with the bird?

Choosing a domain name can be a lot harder that it seems. I had a lot of great ideas for what to call this website, but every option was already taken – or extremely expensive.

The quail is the state bird of California, where I grew up. Many years ago, when I shared that bit of trivia with my Scottish husband, his response was: “Ahh, the noble quail!” and it has always been a bit of a joke between us.

In the middle of my struggle to find a domain name that I liked, Hubby and I were were walking through a mall together. There was a picture of a quail in a shop window and he said it again: “Ahh, the noble quail!” Like a moment in a sitcom, we looked at each other and knew that was the perfect name for my website.